OCZ Envisions HMS Across Large Pools of SSDs as Next Evolution in Storage System Design

By CIOReview | Monday, October 19, 2015

SAN JOSE, CA: High-performance solid-state drives (SSDs) provider OCZ Storage Solutions introduced a technology that may as well be referred as the next big thing in SSD enterprise. Titled as the Host Managed SSD (HMS) in first Saber 1000 series, it enables Host controls over internal SSD processing tasks. The company consolidates a system level software control for processing of background tasks like Garbage Collection that ensures consistent and predictable latency across a large pool of SSDs.

The technology otherwise dubbed as “Storage Intelligence”, gives the user of the host computer, a general insight into what’s going on inside the SSD. Hyperscale, Cloud, and datacenters helps fueling up the process of software defined storage applications which manage a colossal of SSDs across multiple servers.

The solution accelerates modern databases and online trading with its seamless performance. The software APIs helps in easy monitoring of Saber 100 SSDs model, by providing control over the HMS functionalities within the Saber HMS SSD.

OCZ is also offering a prototype design and demonstration model that exhibits the operation of Saber HMS and helps in standardization of the HMS system performance in real time. The Saber 1000 SATA series is the first of its kind product line from OCZ that supports capacities of 480 GB and 960 GB in a 2.5” x 7mm enclosure.