OEM Group Releases Automated and Efficient Batch Wet Chemical Processing System

By CIOReview | Monday, September 28, 2015

PHOENIX, AZ: OEM Group, a manufacturer of semiconductor equipments has declared the release of its latest Cintillio-S automated batch wet chemical processing system to integrate industrial automation with the Cintillio platform for continuous Acid and Solvent processing.

OEM Group serves LED, Power Electronics, Compound Semi, Logic and Memory industries with their Chemical Process Technology and LEGENDS portfolio that consist intellectual property acquired from semiconductor companies Sunset, Lam AutoEtch and SEMITOOL.

In addition to the LEGENDS lines, OEM offers wet-chemical processing with Cintillio Spray Ozone Tool, Spray Acid Tool and Spray Solvent Tool featuring up to six rows of nozzles to ensure high throughput and reliable wafer surface wetting with chemical mixtures, assuring safe and user friendly routine maintenance checks. Cintillio can be configured with up to four onboard chemical tanks, external support of chemical delivery units (CDUs), external O3 generators for Ozone processes and 25- or 50-wafer process loads.

Cintillio-S is built for organizations who seek for an automated wet processing mini-environment in a compact footprint, including power semiconductor, CMOS IC, Advanced Packaging, MEMS and LED applications. It features automated wafer-scale packaging, wafer control and fabrication, a process to produce complete photonic circuits for radio frequency amplifiers and optical computer components.

"Using Cintillio as the base processing module and incorporating industrial automation on the front-end allows us to move away from the custom-design philosophy used in the Spectrum and Magnum platforms. In addition, the use of Cintillio process module ensures existing Spectrum and Magnum users have a seamless process transfer from these older platforms," says Graham Pye, Product Manager at OEM Group.

Cintillio-S platform leverages Cintillio G2 system, flexible chemical layout, modern controller design and diagnostics to provide effective Acid, Solvent, and Ozone process solutions for FEOL and BEOL. It fulfills the automation requirements of SMIF and FOUP operations low cost-of-ownership.