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Office 365: Steps to Change the Process of Data Interaction

By CIOReview | Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Machine learning applications that are being made available in the market are suspected to have a great impact on employee efficiency and data interpretation it seems. With the view of curtailing valuable time being lost while navigating through heaps of digital data, machine learning applications would be applied to all Office 365 products.

Microsoft Delve, a virtualization web-based technology which is a part of Microsoft Office 365, enables users to interact with the information that Microsoft Graph considers to be significant. Microsoft Graph, which is a cloud-based tool, uses machine learning to identity relevant content based on user interactions and the data that Microsoft has access to within its servers to provide insights and enhance end user experience. Though Microsoft Delve is widely available as part of Office 365, its demand has not seen a surge lately. However, with Microsoft aiming to make end users more efficient, here are some key reasons how Microsoft Graph can help in changing the way one can interact with data using Office 365:

1. Microsoft Graph's intimate knowledge of Office 365 users — Microsoft performs key analyses and provides insight into end users' behavior throughout an organization by transacting information about when, what and where; email messages; tasks; appointments; and document interactions. The information which is collected in this manner is valuable to individuals and business leaders as it enables them to identify wasteful activities.

2. Microsoft Graph is intelligent — One of Microsoft's cloud services is its machine learning hosted within Microsoft Azure. The platform helps data scientists in analyzing information, detecting subtle patterns as well as discovering insights from data. It is also useful in harnessing other machine learning applications through systems like Microsoft Graph in a bid to upgrade the platform.

3. Microsoft SharePoint Insights 2016 to leverage analytics and cognitive computing capabilities — The latest version of Microsoft SharePoint which has been laced up with several new features includes content promotion that supports machine learning as well as Delve. Based on intelligent algorithms, SharePoint 2016 provides it users with relevant documents and sites. The upgrade would also provide new and advanced reports under a new section called ‘SharePoint Insights’ to the administrators on the lines of document usage and compliance.

4. Microsoft Graph is extensible — With organizations looking to create customized experiences by combining Microsoft Graph, the extensibility and availability of Software Developer’s Kit (SDK) and Application Program Interface (API) is necessary. With developers being able to extract information like retrieving all trending documents and sorting items that have been recently modified; the new Graph Query Language (GQL) is considered very useful. GQL which also helps in sorting co-workers based on projects and items allow organizations to get more insights on how users interact with each other and digital content within SharePoint and other Office 365 services.

5. Microsoft delivers productivity dashboards as a result of usages of multiple services — Another important aspect of using machine learning and Microsoft Graph is the implementation of a personal productivity dashboard. The company is also able to provide some key insights on how users manage and spend their workdays by analyzing their interactions with other services of Office 365 with the product named Delve Analytics. End-users can access Delve Analytics via Delve or the Outlook Web App (OWA).

With new uses of machine learning in place such as SharePoint 2016 and Delve Analytics, Microsoft is clearly displaying its intention of outdoing their competitors in the services that they offer. So, in order to benefit its users with the new capabilities, CIOs need to plan on how their organizations would lure their users to adopt these features as well as keeping the acceptance rate high.