Office Mix to Make the Work Easier for Teachers
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Office Mix to Make the Work Easier for Teachers

By CIOReview | Thursday, July 3, 2014

FREMONT, CA: Microsoft has recently announced the customer preview of Office Mix, a tool designed to make it easier for teachers to incorporate online content into their lesson plans.

Brien Gorham, English Teacher at Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart says   “Mix provides teachers with an easy way to create flipped lessons for students since most teachers are already familiar with PowerPoint. Being able to create self-directed content for students creates more class time for more challenging project work and writing assignments. Having students work with ‘static content’ at home allows for more differentiated instruction time in the classroom. Being able to track their progress is an essential feature of this tool.”

How teachers incorporate this new Office Mix in the classrooms is quite interesting. Some of the ways are:

Formative assessment feedback loop - Almost all of the mixes that have been created for instructional purposes have assessments built in;

Bite-sized learning- The vast majority of mixes created are shorter than five minutes, suggesting that educators are using Office Mix to teach individual concepts rather than replace entire classroom lessons.

Global appeal - Though we haven’t localized Office Mix (the website and materials are only in English at this point), we are seeing mixes in a variety of foreign languages: Mandarin, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Romanian, and even Finnish.

Office Mix is not only used by teachers, even students are asked to create mixes as a part of their as part of project-based learning assignments.

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