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OIC and IIC Joins Hands to Drive Technical Requirements for the Industrial Internet of Things

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 4, 2015

PORTLAND, OR: The Open Interconnect Consortium enters a liaison agreement with the Industrial Internet Consortium to exchange significant data for streamlining interoperability for the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT consortiums’ collaboration is intended to accelerate the delivery of an industrial grade IoT architectural framework.

2015 will see the use of nearly 4.9 billion connected devices, which makes it imperative to set industry standards for the rapidly growing sector. According to the agreement, consortiums will share among them information collected from its use cases and architectural requirements focused on the industrial market. In return, OIC will ensure that its specification and associated open source project (IoTivity) delivers all the essential features in an IoT comms framework to meet the requirements and make the use cases not just real, but also easy to implement.

“This liaison was developed as a result of both consortiums’ desire for interoperability in the industrial IoT,” states Richard Soley, Executive Director at Industrial Internet Consortium. “OIC’s focus on developing standards through an open source project makes it an ideal partner for the Industrial Internet Consortium. By sharing use cases with the OIC, we will identify new scenarios that will ultimately result in systematic interoperability between devices.”

OIC’s member list include firms like Dell, HP, Siemens, and Honeywell, and Industrial Internet Consortium has a varied public-private ecosystem consisting of 141 member companies from different countries.

“This strategic liaison between the OIC and IIC is extremely complementary and a huge win for the industry,” notes Imad Sousou, Vice President and General Manager, Intel Open Source Technology Center and vice president of the board at the OIC. “By ensuring the standards and associated open source software from the OIC support the use cases and requirements defined by the IIC, we can accelerate the delivery of an industrial grade communications framework for the IoT.”