Okta Unveils Fingerprint based Multifactor Authentication for iPhone Users

By CIOReview | Wednesday, May 4, 2016
Todd McKinnon, the CEO and founder, Okta

Todd McKinnon, the CEO and founder, Okta

FREMONT, CA: Okta, an identity management service provider has recently revealed new updates for its flagship Okta Verify and Okta Mobility Management solutions. The multifactor authentication app, Okta Verify adds security on user’s name and password to prevent unauthorized login for a broad set of services.

With the new update, it supports Touch ID for user authentication and help users prevent unauthorized login by allowing them to login through biometrics such as their fingerprint. It is helpful for those companies who want to implement a high security standard for the convenience of their customers. Now, iPhone and iPad Users will have a browser extension instead of having to remember username and password.

Further, Okta Varify has a unique feature called Just in Time provisioning to allow users import all their AD accounts for login authentication on-the-go. It is useful for companies which are turning on SSO with a large user-base. The solution supports strong authentication across more than 3,000 web and SaaS applications. Okta Verify can support two AD connectors to the same directory store for redundancy, in case one is not working properly.

With the new update, companies who are using Okta Mobility Management solution will be able to load custom applications into the enterprise mobility management service's App Store, combined with the applications from the public store. The new update will be helpful for companies which are running custom mobile applications for their employees.

Furthermore, Okta offers a range of services based on single-sign on provisioning adaptive multi-factor authentication, directory services, and enterprise mobility management.