OmniComm Systems' TrialMaster EDC Technology Enables Global Biopharmaceutical Company to Streamline Clinical Development Time and Increase Product Success

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Fort Lauderdale, FL: OmniComm Systems’ TrialMaster Electronic Data Capture (EDC) technology was announced to be used by a leading global biopharmaceutical company for their entire network of drug trial candidates. This growing global adoption and utilization of TrialMaster EDC has been a milestone achievement for OmniComm Systems. With the help of this product, the bio-pharmacy giant was able to run more than sixty-five clinical studies across one thousand and three hundred investigational sites that have recruited more than three thousand volunteers for their trials.

TrialMaster, with the most intuitive user-experience provides the most convenient solution for EDC. The product suite performs many clinical applications that were previously taken to be external to an EDC system. For all these innovative features, TrialMaster was selected by the client to help them streamline the clinical development timelines which substantially increased the probability of late-stage product success.

“Our product has been used to support the client’s clinical development phases, from Phase I through Phase V. We have been able to streamline and simplify their development process,” notes Stephen Johnson, President and COO, OmniComm System Inc.

The product suite has been acknowledged by Contact Research Organizations (CROs) across health care sectors like pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical science, academics, and medical research organizations for the benefits that it provides.  

OmniComm supports sustainable knowledge transfer through its built-in, on-line job aid called TrialMaster eLearning. The TrialMaster eLearning provides an illustration of how technology is applied to improve quality, time taken, and Return On Investment.

The company takes pride to be a part of their client’s success and also appreciate their commitment to OmniComm’s products and services.