Omnis Studio 8.0, an Innovative Leap from Previous Version

By CIOReview | Tuesday, April 5, 2016

PORTLAND, OR: Tiger Logic Corporation announced the launch of the latest version of Omnis Studio. The version which is technically the successor to Omnis Studio 6.1x, has however been prospectively named as Omnis Studio 8.0. In a post last November on the official Omnis Blog, the company laid down the reasons for the leap in version number. It read, “We wanted to skip 6.2, to create a ‘dot-Zero’ release to mark the completion of the transition of Omnis Studio to 64-bit across all platforms, and in addition the porting of Omnis Studio to Cocoa on OS X. Furthermore, with the new major release we are introducing new license types and services.”

The Omnis core, being rebuilt using the Cocoa Frameworks adds speed and performance for the Omnis Studio IDE and for OS X and iOS deployed apps. The 64 bit version would be available on OS X including the SDK, App Server, and Runtime. Foreseeing the penetration of HD content in coming years, the latest version is designed to support HD. According to the release note, the Studio IDE will scale automatically if an HD monitor is detected (2x the default), and HD icons are supported in the IDE and in your own Omnis libraries using Icon sets.

The Developer Hub aimed at imparting updated information, a new tool App Builder which provides a number of templates at disposal, Code Assistant and Method Editor, that assist developers with command parameter and possible arguments are some of the new introduction to the latest version. There is a new browser object that enables embedding HTML components or present web content on window classes. This is apart from the ability to enrich desktop apps by adding HTML OR JavaScript based components. Other notable enhancements include List pager, Segmented Control, Drag and Drop for JavaScript Client.

"With Omnis Studio 8.0, developers can like never before build robust, data-driven, web and mobile apps that can be launched seamlessly across multiple platforms with ease," said Bob Whiting, Omnis General Manager. "Version 8.0 allows developers to build desktop and mobile apps just once, while being able to launch their solutions across all the major platforms seamlessly. The newest version provides assistance and tips throughout the entire development process, increasing productivity for application developers and ensuring an enhanced end user experience in their apps." he added. The Omnis team is headquartered in the United Kingdom and has offices in Germany, France, and the United States in addition to distributors in Italy and Australia.