OnCourse to Implement Learnosity's Assessment Capabilities in its Web-based Solution

By CIOReview | Monday, April 4, 2016

NEW YORK CITY, NY: OnCourse Systems for Education has formed a strategic alliance with B2B SaaS assessment technology provider Learnosity. With the new partnership, OnCourse’s web-based educational process tools will now get access to Learnosity’s advanced assessment solutions.

OnCourse’s educational solution, powered by Oracle database, offers benefits for both students as well as schools. It helps students improve their academic performance by increasing teacher’s efficiency and effectiveness while driving accountability in schools. Moreover, it is designed as a highly scalable and flexible solution that can be deployed either as a standalone tool or within an integrated solution.

“It’s very exciting for us to have OnCourse Systems come onboard,” says Learnosity Co-founder & CEO, Gavin Cooney. “Learnosity and OnCourse Systems share a similar outlook when it comes to education technology, with both companies recognizing that flexibility and scalability are two of the core fundamental attributes of modern day technology. We’re looking forward to being involved in OnCourse Systems’ mission to improve education efficiency and effectivity on a global basis.”

Learnosity enables OnCourse to extend the advantages of online assessment to students with limited connectivity. It also delivers assessment across any device or platform, be it laptop, desktop, tablet, mobile, OSX, or Windows. Overall, learnosity provides OnCourse with an assessment experience that is secure as well as reliable.

“Learnosity’s SaaS offering has given us the ability to focus on our area of expertise – instructional and school administrative solutions. Leveraging Learnosity eliminates any risk of getting caught up in a long development cycle. We get access to the most up-to-date assessment technology, including any updates along the way, meaning that no sacrifices are made on our end in terms of content quality. Learnosity has enabled us to empower educators by introducing new dimensions of e-learning,” adds Christian Contini, CEO, OnCourse.