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OneCloud Launches Anaplan BizApp to Support Anaplan Transactional APIs

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 7, 2021

OneCloud becomes an Anaplan technology partner to provide Transactional API support and seamlessly connect source system data streams into the Anaplan platform.

FREMONT, CA: OneCloud launches the Anaplan BizApp to help Anaplan Transactional APIs expand its Anaplan integration connector. OneCloud joins Anaplans technology partner ecosystem in 2020 and allows Anaplan customers to access additional data integrations for a connected planning experience. OneCloud is a provider of iPaaS technology via its precision platform to combine and manage enterprise data.

Released in September 2020, Anaplan Transactional APIs allow users to read and write granular data, rapidly zero in on the precise data they want, exactly when they require it and offer deeper insights into their workspaces. These Transactional APIs are comprised of data and metadata APIs and help firms extend Anaplans platform capabilities through rich integrations while also getting a deeper understanding of their modeling constructs. The Anaplan BizApp from OneCloud is now improved to use these new APIs, offering users near-real-time access to their relevant data so they can model scenarios and make agile, intelligence-driven decisions.

As the first Anaplan technology partner to provide Transactional API support, were well-positioned to help powerful use cases around procurement, sales, and planning that connect source-system data to Anaplan in a timely and precise manner. Users can handle data streams to generate precise plans and make improved decisions to achieve the best outcomes.

OneCloud BizApps offer administrators and users the potential to automate workflows and simplify bi-directional integrations with Anaplan across a mix of on-premises and cloud business applications. Now that OneCloud can help transactional updates to and from Anaplan, data can be exchanged easily between systems, extending a streaming data ecosystem. 

Anaplan wants to make it easy for leaders to access data from every corner of their organization to model scenarios and make decisions with confidence. The company introduced Anaplan Transactional APIs last year to simplify data integrations and arm business leaders with deeper insights into the data they require most. The firm is excited to see OneCloud use these APIs through the Anaplan BizApp to support customers seamlessly exchange data across their business-critical platforms and applications.