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oneM2M and InDiCo Collaborate with International Standardization Players

By CIOReview | Tuesday, December 1, 2020

oneM2M is bringing the IoT community to promote global standards and offer a platform that will allow collaboration without borders

FREMONT, CA: oneM2M and InDiCo collaborate with international standardization players to host a number of events and initiatives over the past years to offer, amongst other things, the creation of an oneM2M standard online training course, new tests in line with the release of the oneM2M standards and the development of a new test platform allowing fully online and remote testing. With backing from the InDiCo project,oneM2M will further work towards a secure and scalable IoT with unparalleled interoperability. The joint events will offer an invaluable opportunity to discuss the progress of the IoT and decide how oneM2M’s interworking potentials can be used for the next steps in its development.

The InDiCo project is an effort to help the EU and its partner countries build mutual understanding and approaches to digital policies, regulatory frameworks, and standardization models for ICT, with IoT being part of the technical priorities.

The next virtual event hosted by oneM2M founding partners TTA and ETSI in the context of the InDiCo project is taking place from November 16 to 27 and will provide organizations deploying the oneM2M standard the opportunity to test their products’ interoperability and check end-to-end functionality through oneM2M interfaces.

The InDiCo project serves as a catalyst to identify and develop common policy and regulatory methods as well as to achieve technical harmonization through standardization between the EU and its international partners. Ultimately, this means firms can develop common standards supporting common visions and policies, developing a bigger and open market for IoT applications and devices. In an increasingly connected world, the emergence of the digital economy calls for collaboration on ICT by the EU and its partners. This starts with a mutual understanding and the sharing of best practices related to policies and the related technologies and develops into common work on standards.