OneWeb and Honeywell Aerospace to Bring High-Speed Internet to Billions
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OneWeb and Honeywell Aerospace to Bring High-Speed Internet to Billions

By CIOReview | Thursday, September 22, 2016

PHOENIX, AZ: OneWeb – a proposed constellation of approximately 700 satellites expected to provide global internet broadband service to individual consumers as early as 2019 has chosen Honeywell Aerospace – a developer of aircraft engines and avionics to bring high-speed internet to billions worldwide, reports PRWeb.

Based on the agreement, Honeywell will provide business jet, commercial airline and military aviation customers with aircraft hardware and airtime services that could include weather, navigation and health monitoring of the aircraft through OneWeb satellite constellation. In addition, Honeywell will work with OneWeb to explore in-orbit satellite equipment supply for the 600-plus satellite constellation.

"At Honeywell, our goal is to expand in-flight connectivity through ambitious technology innovation. By leveraging OneWeb's satellite network, we can bring the benefits of connectivity to new customers, improving aircraft efficiency, safety, comfort and security," says Carl Esposito, vice president, Marketing and Product Management, Honeywell Aerospace.

"Our mission is to enable affordable Internet access for everyone. By partnering with Honeywell, we can bring the benefits of affordable, low-latency broadband to business, commercial and military aircraft. We look forward to working with Honeywell, which has unparalleled expertise in aerospace connectivity, as a key partner in advancing global connectivity,” says Greg Wyler, chief executive officer, OneWeb.

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