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Ontario-based WSI Announces Improved Web Development Services

By CIOReview | Friday, April 15, 2016

Search Engine Optimization RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA: Organizations today are banking on optimized web properties that can support elaborate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies to drive a successful digital marketing campaign. Although, there may be instances where a company’s SEO strategies may not succeed in meeting the projections if their web development and SEO project is handled by two different businesses.

WSI Priority, a Rancho Cucamonga, CA-based web design and digital marketing company has announced the introduction of a series of web development features for streamlined Search Engine Marketing and Digital Marketing Initiatives, negating the need for separate solution providers for design and SEO.

WSI’s enhanced web development offerings incorporate a three-step process to provide its clients with a modern website experience. The first part involves a full evaluation of the entire website to give the marketing experts an idea about the target audience so that they can work on strategies to engage the users in a better way. Based on their findings the marketers collaborate with the design team to develop a website with an intuitive web design, which is a crucial element in ensuring better user experiences.

The next step involves the creation of custom-designed websites by WSI’s web design and development team. The websites built by WSI meet the current industry standards and needs, equipped with multiple functionalities like quick loading and a responsive design to meet the requirements of a marketplace controlled by mobile devices. The seasoned designers at WSI are experts in customizing the look and feel of a company’s website to improve their user outreach and enabling them to outshine their competitors.

The final step involves the provision for analytics and SEO support that allows an enterprise to track its vital information—number of visitors on the site, the average time spent by the visitors browsing through the site, the particular web-pages frequently visited by the users. The marketers can then leverage this information for creating customized marketing collaterals and creating metrics to improve low performing assets.

The incorporation of all these steps will eventually help in the creation of a website that ranks high in search engine rankings and promises an exceptional user experience.