Ontraport Unveils New Mobile CRM System for iPhone and Android Devices

By CIOReview | Monday, March 30, 2015

LOS ANGELES, CA: Ontraport, a developer of automated and integrated systems, including multi-media integration and implementation of CRM systems and marketing tools has announced the addition of CRM to its offered services.

This addition helps clients to get data from their mobiles and tablets anytime. Besides this, CRM organizes information on the screen thereby simplifying the search process and helps in the growth of the organization. Its database is customizable and keeps track of all the information related to client interaction. The business owners can also utilize the opportunity of customizing the front end view to access the most relevant information.

CRM with its control settings helps organization in a way to select information that needs to be secured from their employees as well. The selected employees are allowed to edit the information in the database and this access is provided to them on their mobiles and laptops making the process much easier.

Other features of the new system include being able to send alerts to team members and this CRM system includes a build in lead scoring system that lets users identify leads as good and enter information about future actions to take regarding that lead.