Ooyala Acquires Nativ to Deliver Comprehensive, Data-driven Personalized TV and Video Platform

By CIOReview | Wednesday, July 15, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Ooyala - a provider of video, analytics and advertising technology - acquired Nativ, cloud-based media logistics software company, to deliver the most comprehensive, data-driven personalized TV and video platform that will power the next generation of television.

By adding Nativ's media logistics platform, MioEverywhere, to Ooyala's suite of personalized TV and video offerings, Ooyala's technology stack now extends to video production, post-production, digital content services, broadcast planning and media management for both OTT and on-air content. MioEverywhere redefines end-to-end media management for today's data-driven, multiscreen world. It removes the cost and complexity of creating, managing and delivering content in the cloud.

The Mio platform includes a module for end-to-end management of multiscreen ad campaign workflows, and a sophisticated data management module that gives companies the ability to model, gather and manage data across their entire value chain, helping to expand audience reach and increase profits. This data management module is highly complementary to Ooyala's own analytics engine that powers personalization and revenue optimization for users of its video platform. Ooyala plans to operate Nativ as a new line of business under the Ooyala brand, selling the Mio platform as a stand-alone product or built into Ooyala's existing technology suite.

MioEverywhere is a next-generation Media Logistics Platform that’s been built to help manage entire content workflow from creation to distribution in the cloud. It remotely validates and securely ingests content from preferred internal and external sources to allow satellite partners and other trusted third parties to confidently transfer files as readily as in-house team. Using MioEverywhere as centralized media hub, broadcasters can quickly and easily manage all of their assets in one place. The platform’s enterprise-class search, archiving, tagging and versioning facilities and use of extensible metadata means that every asset can be associated with a content overview, technical details, key frames, publishing profile, workflow status, and history.

"The new TV marketplace can't be serviced by legacy broadcast business systems. New data-driven technologies and services will transform the way broadcasters, media companies and brands operate in the era of multi-screen consumption. A transformation of this scale represents massive opportunity for the innovators that can drive new, future-proofed standards. Nativ's Mio platform puts Ooyala even further at the forefront of providing a true end-to-end platform that can serve all video business needs end to end, from production through to monetization," Jay Fulcher, president and chief executive officer, Ooyala.