Ooyala IQ Powers Broadcasters and Publishers with 360 Degree View of Content Performance

By CIOReview | Friday, April 10, 2015

SANTA CLARA, CA: Video technology has empowered organizations to drive business with more confidence and insightfully. But this revolution generates a competitive environment that can be broken down by leveraging the platform to analyze broadcasted video performances. By understanding these specific demands, Ooyala – a subsidiary of Telstra Telecommunication Company and a provider of video publishing, analytics and monetization solution – introduces Ooyala IQ analytics platform to facilitate complete real time, actionable insight of video content performance and audience behavior.

Ooyala IQ powers media professionals to help understand and target audiences in one view under the milliseconds of processing time with filter options such as device, operating system, browser, country, state, Designated Market Area (DMA) and player or traffic source. The new analytics platform’s main aim is to efficiently and profitably optimize revenue of media business professionals by delivering predictive insights on optimal advertising, content publishing and distribution strategies.

Ooyala IQ is designed with an open framework that allows integration of multiple business-critical data types including ad performance and visibility and quality of service metrics to determine the video stream quality. Furthermore, these data types are added to Ooyala IQ to expand its marketing capabilities.

The users utilize highly-interactive Ooyala IQ UI or an API to filter, sort and drill down their large amount of real-time video metrics with the help of new platform’s multidimensional querying capability. The broadcasters and publishers can leverage the Ooyala IQ’s measurement capabilities to give specific insights to advertisers about audience’s consumption patterns.  This helps in designing strategies for targeting audiences and enhancing Cost per Miles (CPMs) and ad revenues. It also helps programming team to understand the viewer engagement patterns on their contents.

Ooyala IQ provides player tracking capabilities to track performance of particular players in their analytics dashboard. The player tracking renders different styles and capabilities with its A/B testing feature that can compare the performance of players across a set of syndication partners, or placed in various sections of a website. The performance comparing includes the impact of multiple ad monetization policies and Ooyala Discovery that is content recommendation product to increase viewer engagement and ad revenue.

The company’s new analytics platform gives graphical representations for unique users, segments watched, hours watched, plays requested and content starts. It has capabilities to determine key asset metadata, key performance metrics for each asset, segment-specific metrics to differentiate and identify the sections of each video asset which is popular among viewers.