Open Source Project on New Internet Security Framework

By CIOReview | Wednesday, May 18, 2016
Nina Simosko, CPO, NTTi3

Nina Simosko, CPO, NTTi3

FREMONT, CA: At one of The Apache Software Foundation's largest developer events, ApacheCon North America MIRACL, NTT Innovation Institute, Inc. (NTT i3) and NTT Labs announced collaboration for a new open source internet security framework within the Apache Incubator called Apache Milagro (incubating). This would give rise to a new internet security framework made of cryptographic service providers called Distributed Trust Authorities that independently issue shares of keys to application endpoints which have embedded Milagro cryptographic libraries and applications. A white paper detailing and lucidly explaining the same has been published by Michael Scott, Chief Cryptographer of Miracl Labs.

Milagro Crypto Library (MCL) is Included in the contributions to the open source project that enables developers to build distributed trust systems and select from a choice of secure, proven, pairing based protocols that enable certificate-less key encapsulation, zero knowledge proof authentication, authenticated key agreement and digital signing. Eliminating the need for PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) or certification, pairing based TLS library, Milagro TLS enables encrypted connections with perfect forward secrecy between mobile applications or IoT devices and backend service infrastructures.

"Security has been a key concern in many of today's new and most disruptive applications, including commerce, health, government, online banking, and digital currency." says Nina Simosko, CEO of NTT i3. "For emerging IoT and mobile services particularly, security will play an integral part of ensuring our social and industrial infrastructure can depend on these services. As the security risks become more prevalent to these services, enterprise organizations must adopt new security paradigms that address the new security risks while enabling key business digitalization strategies. We believe the technologies in Apache Milagro (incubating) will go a long way to doing both."

"Apache Milagro (incubating) is an opportunity to fix what ails the internet and leverage the power of the open source community to fundamentally evolve the security underpinnings of the web for how it's used today," says Brian Spector, CEO of cryptography and cyber security firm MIRACL. "The code and distributed trust model we are committing to Apache Milagro (incubating) is built for block chain applications, cloud computing services, mobile and containerized developer applications by eliminating the need for any central trust authority. We are very excited to be part of Apache Milagro (incubating) and to work with the Apache Community to make the web more secure for everyone.