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OpenClinical Tool of Rancho BioSciences Elevates Data Curation Services

By CIOReview | Monday, April 25, 2016
Tatiana Khasanova, Director of Service, Rancho BioSciences

Tatiana Khasanova, Director of Service, Rancho BioSciences

SAN DIEGO, CA: Rancho BioSciences recently expanded its service offerings by adding open source OpenClinical tool into the data curation platform. The open source tool is specially built to enhance medical practices by authenticating the clinical trial data accurately. Its compatibility leads the application to offer users with in-detailed insight of all gathered data without disrupting the existing database.              

“We are responding to our customers need to create an application with an ability to track gathered data with ease and without disrupting any other database integrations”, says Tatiana Khasanova, Director of Service, Rancho BioSciences.

Rancho BioSciences has been developed to improve the procedures of medical data management through its fee-for-service data curation offerings. The service offers clients with customized applications that can manage all ongoing trial activities including patient information. Expertise from Rancho streamlines the work quality by delivering customers a high caliber work culture within time and budget. The company aims to empower the life science community by analyzing all form of data and  deploying its knowledge mining services globally that can be leveraged by customers for their research and answer pertinent questions.

The BioScience company provides both on-site and off-site data curation services. It offers an integrated platform for data curation that includes curating all types of data such as OMICs and clinical data, assay and animal. The service also added data preparation offering for clubbing up tranSMART, Omicsoft, NextBio and other in a single platform. Additionally, it helps in developing ontologies and vocabularies.

The qualified service of Rancho BioSciences effectively eliminates the need of manual workflows. An application of controlled vocabularies from scientific ontologies and dictionaries, such as CDISC MeSH, MedDRA and SNOWMED has made it an efficient solution for medical practice. Based on its domain integrated knowledge and experience on clinical trial data, the company extended its services to deliver out-of-the-box high quality solution.

“A lot of our customers are looking to integrate and customize open source platforms so this was a natural extension of our team’s expertise” says Julie Bryant, CEO, Rancho BioSciences.