Opower's Latest Customer Engagement Platform to Boost Customer Satisfaction

By CIOReview | Tuesday, August 18, 2015

MIAMI, FL: Opower –a provider of cloud-based software solutions for utility industry– announces next generation customer engagement platform, Opower6 which includes customer care along with improved core tools and analytics.

A Company’s upward growth trajectory is always associated with elated clientele. Top line and bottom line are driven by customer satisfaction and cost to serve. Companies allocate a part of their investments in customer operations, with largest expenditure in billing and call center operations. Though companies are concentrating on delivering better customer operations, a research throws light on room for improvement. Billing tests patience of both customers and utilities. Opower’s customer care offering, Billing Suite, focuses on reducing high bill call volume and call center handle time while increasing customer satisfaction.

Billing Suite offers timely notices and powerful analytics, enabling utilities to improve their customer satisfaction and lower cost to serve. The solution comprises of features poised to reduce high billing such as High Bill Alerts, eBill Notifications and Billing Advisor. Puget Sound Energy (PSE) will be the first utility to deploy Opower’s Customer Care solution.

High bill alerts warn customers regarding high utilizations and suggest on adjusting their energy use before the end of billing period. Alerts will be delivered to both advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and non-AMI customers.  eBill notifications offer enhanced customer program by providing helpful context about the main drivers of energy use. This notification facility is offered exclusively for customers signed up for utility e-billing program. Billing advisor facilitates utility call center representatives with personalized insights to have more productive and satisfying calls with customers thus increasing customer satisfaction and reducing average call times.

“PSE is embarking on a multi-year strategy to improve each customer touch point and increase awareness of opportunities for customers to save energy and money,” says Jason Teller, VP, Customer Solutions, PSE. “We have worked with Opower since 2008 to engage customers in order to meet our energy efficiency goals. We are excited to extend our partnership with them to inject personalized insights into other touch points such as unusual usage alerts, seasonal readiness, and eBills to drive energy efficiency program participation and increase customer satisfaction.”