OPSWAT Updates Policy Patrol Secure File Transfer Solution

By CIOReview | Wednesday, August 5, 2015

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Many companies use unsafe methods for sensitive data transfer like e-mail, Drive, Dropbox and FTP, ignoring the risk of data breach. Less data security and non-adherence with regulations leads to imposing fine ranging from 200k to 3.5 million dollars. Considering the ever growing need for data protection, security solution provider OPSWAT has released an update on ‘Policy Patrol Secure File Transfer’ solution that allows users to send and receive files instantly and securely with features such as encryption, authentication and audit trial for each file transfer

“Using FTP for file transfers is unreliable, not secure, and offers no audit trail. Email can easily be intercepted which means that any confidential information sent through unencrypted email is at risk of being exposed,” says George Prichici, Product Manager, OPSWAT.

The new solution not only provides extra security against data loss and misuse, it also complies with regulatory guidelines such as HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI, FCC, and SEC. The new auditing feature is an added advantage of this release as it meets data security compliance guidelines. Another embedded feature, ‘Metascan’ is used to detect and prevent the known and unknown malware and threats entering into the network.

The other features offered by the solution includes

Send and Receive Large and Confidential Files: Users can send large and confidential files instantly and securely through e-mail, or uploading files to a file server.

Central Email Attachment Management: Email attachment management for Exchange Server is offered. Company-level rules can be framed such as restricting the attachment size, sensitivity level or recipient.

Ad Hoc File Transfer: External contacts can upload files securely through a portal integrated to the company’s website.

Delivery Notifications: When files are sent and downloaded, senders receive notifications.

Life Cycle Management: Expiration dates can be set or the number of times a file can download may be limited.

Search File Transfers: Users can search through file transfers to locate specific files and transfers.

Role Based Access: Management of files and users is based on user roles. Compliance Officers can access all file transfers on the system but Administrators can manage only user accounts.