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Optimized Slotting to Enhance Warehouse Capacity

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Skilled labor today is not only hard to find, but also comes at a premium—a development that is impacting the distribution operations at warehouses. However, Bastian Solutions, the pioneer of integrating material handling systems, enhances warehouse capacity and operational efficiency by leveraging the OptiSlot DC—the advanced slot software from Optricity.

OptiSlot DC provides a highly efficient, cost effective and fully optimized slotting through algorithms that account for each product’s physical dimensions, weight and velocity, besides slot configuration and pick paths, to generate slots. OptiSlot DC also simplifies tasks such as pallet building and criteria-based groupings. It also addresses the operational challenges such as inefficient picking operations, suboptimal utilization of warehouse space, besides preventing damages to products during movement. The possibilities enabled by Bastian Solutions have in turn left Optricity thrilled.

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