Optimizing ChannelMix and Tableau to Revamp Analytics Strategies

By CIOReview | Friday, March 11, 2016

KANSAS CITY, MO: Alight Analytics, a marketing data aggregation firm, unveils partnership of two more agencies with channelMix and Tableau Software to enhance analytics strategies. ChannelMix integrates online marketing data, offline data, and all other marketing performance metrics into a single source to improve the functioning of the marketing systems.

The Agencies use hybrid Business Intelligence tool denominated, Domo, in connecting market sources and building dashboards. The Agencies also addresses a small part of issues pertaining to lack of storage, data hygiene, and lack of an actively managed warehouse. Learning complex coding enables agencies to connect across data sources, making it unable to apply custom business rules comprising media markup and stitching together Google Analytics profiles at the data level without dedicated service team and support. The connection of data allows agencies to make decisions across channels, regions and clients.

The ChannelMix and Tableau are embedded as a data platform to centralize all marketing analytics intelligence and Tableau creates efficiencies, scales with the business by providing long term solutions. It also helps in slashing costs.

The ChannelMix feed is an easy integrated data platform that tailors business analysis by aggregating reporting-ready market data integrating seamlessly with internet systems and processes. It gives the control over the data being organized and displayed and uses existing systems and processes for business intelligence and data visualization.

 “Marketing has a two-part problem when it comes to analytics – data and reporting. By utilizing best-in-class tools to address each of these problems, our clients have a holistic sustainable solution. Customers purchasing business intelligence tools alone are quickly realizing that until they truly solve the data problem with an actively managed data platform like we provide, then they have a beautiful car sitting in the driveway with no engine,” said Matt Hertig, Co-Founder, Alight Analytics.