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Optimizing Data Center Capabilities with Flexible Fabric Implementations

By CIOReview | Tuesday, August 13, 2019
Alan Benjamin, President & CEO

Alan Benjamin, President & CEO

Low latency and flexibility in storage infrastructure are now achievable with high-performance connectivity solutions.

FREMONT, CA: GigaIO, the leading company for data center network architecture and connectivity solutions has unveiled the FabreX™ implementation of Non-Volatile Memory Express over Fabrics (NVMe-oF) architecture. With this development, GigaIO has taken the next step towards more streamlined NVMe network communication and large scale storage facilities along with the highly valued features of low latency and high –bandwidth.

The new implementation of FabreX™ allows devices on Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) networks and data on NVMe protocols to be optimized. This implementation is much more advantageous and efficient when compared to NVMe-oF options that convert device connections between PCIe and Ethernet or Fibre Channel and InfiniBand fabrics, and data paths between NVMe and RoCE or iWARP protocol. Furthermore, the implementation also enables high throughput, reduced central processing unit (CPU) resource utilization, and extended direct data exchange.

"With FabreX and NVMe-oF, storage located in a server, directly attached to a server and attached across a network delivers identical performance, allowing customers to choose their preferred storage architectures and experience the same quality of service to meet desired service level objectives," says Alan Benjamin, CEO of GigaIO talking about how this combination will give users flexibility and unique capabilities.

Communications in data centers between localhost memory and remote NVMe subsystems are going to become rapid and streamlined as FabreX with NVMe-oF eliminates the need for buffers and copies and makes direct data placement a possibility. Storage latency will see a marked difference too, as is evident from direct a comparison between NVMe-oF with FabreX and Ethernet or Fiber Channel fabrics.  

GigaIO has ranked among the Top 20 HPC Companies by CIOReview. The company has been delivering unmatched services with its cutting-edge technology that has led to breakthrough interconnect performance and flexibility. It offers solutions in the areas of AI and ML processing, cloud computing, edge computing, and many others. The advanced architecture enables data centers to enhance density of network and reduce the power consumption. “As a result, we save lots of time with exceptionally low latency and exceptionally high bandwidth. Coupled with our composability software, users can gain better business outcomes and reduce the total cost of ownership, because you add resource sharing and better utilization,” concludes Alan.