Optimizing Manufacturing Processes with Real-time Monitoring
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Optimizing Manufacturing Processes with Real-time Monitoring

By CIOReview | Monday, May 13, 2019

Advancements in technology are enabling shop floors to run at higher efficiencies than ever before through real-time monitoring. They are contributing to the business in streamlining and making inventory reconciliation accurate. Real-time monitoring is driving the smart manufacturing initiative through

Improving productivity: Key players real on real-time monitoring to find new insights into developing and accelerating shop floor productivity and delivering on customer demands. The more accurate and higher quality data captured, the faster the manufacturers achieve shifts across the plants.  Manufacturers adopting real-time monitoring are delivering order statuses to their customers and further improves customer loyalty and repurchase rates.

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Optimizing Machinery: The success of smart and connected machinery is proportional to the accuracy of their real-time monitoring. Among the many potential strategies manufacturers can utilize to improve shop floor productivity, each is only as good as the data captured and analyzed.

Quality Management Systems: To get most out of Quality Management Systems (QMS) manufacturers are relying on real-time monitoring. It provides the data streams these QMS need to provide new insights into reducing the cost of poor quality, improving yield rates, and attaining higher perfect order performance.

Improving Supplier Quality Consistency: The significant growth barriers in manufacturing are inconsistent supplier quality and lack of consistent delivery. Turning to real-time monitoring can help overcome these challenge by assisting to reduce reject rates and able to continue growing by attracting new distributors.

Streamlining Audits: The most significant benefit of real-time monitoring is simplifying and automating audits. The higher the audit complexity and need to stay in constant compliance with federal regulatory requirements, the more crucial real-time tracking becomes.

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Prolonging the Life of Production Assets: Manufacturers rely on real-time monitoring to extend the life of production assets with companies using analytics, business intelligence, and machine learning to predict preventive maintenance effectively. The reliance on real-time monitoring reduces production downtime due to equipment failures.

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