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Optimizing the Manufacturing Paradigm with IoT based Technologies

By CIOReview | Wednesday, May 22, 2019

FREMONT, CA: The advent of technologies like the internet of things has opened up possibilities in all fields. Innovations are making a beeline, and new avenues are opening up. The manufacturing industry is in an excellent position to benefit from using solutions derived from IoT. This technology has enabled the creation of smart and interactive sectors that have increased yields and revenues.

Manufacturers can now run any machine with the help of the internet and control the functioning remotely. Smart manufacturing enables interconnections between devices, collection and utilization of data and analysis that helps to chart trends. Before any of these technologies developed, manufacturing processes depended upon traditional techniques. The conventional technologies were laden with inefficient means of production and often led to wastage. With the predictive maintenance feature, manufacturers don't have to worry about the maintenance either. From just being able to predict machine failures, the technology today has reached a point where with the help of sensors, it detects the smallest of discrepancies and improves the production process by using analytics.

The management of logistics is a crucial task in any manufacturing industry. Conventionally, industries depended on human resources to get the job done. Technologies can reduce the dependence on human beings to a great extent. Asset Tracking marks a significant development in this front. With asset management, manufacturers can automate the process of handling assets. Manufacturing companies have to deal with a lot of caution when it comes to the machinery as well. Safety requirements are a must in many manufacturing industries. Damages of any kind lead to safety concerns. Employees not following safety precautions also make themselves vulnerable to accidents. IoT solutions to manage safety help in monitoring and analyzing safety indexes and reduce the possibilities of mishaps. 

Quality control, with assistance from IoT based technologies, brings more confidence and satisfaction in the minds of customers. IoT does not just help create products with better quality but also ensures a thorough check before a product ready for consumption. The digitalization or the induction of these IoT base solutions do require a substantial amount of investment, but once in place, they optimize most of the processes, thereby reducing costs in the long run.

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