Optimus Price and Athena Unite To Generate AI-Driven SaaS Platform
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Optimus Price and Athena Unite To Generate AI-Driven SaaS Platform

By CIOReview | Tuesday, November 17, 2020
Carlos Fenollosa, CEO

Carlos Fenollosa, CEO

The new venture will render a pioneering AI-driven SaaS platform that unites all pricing, stock management, demand forecasting, and promotional processes for online and offline retailers in one solution.

FREMONT, CA: Optimus Price, the global leader for pricing automation and sales forecasting, and Athena, a specialist in price, competitor monitoring, and digital marketing applications, have signed a strategic agreement to unite both firms under one single entity.

Through this partnership, both organizations aim to create a unique Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven SaaS platform that unifies all pricing and stock management methods in one solution. This feature will position Optimus Price as the most appropriate solution in the retail market regarding ease of configuration, functionality, and effectiveness.

Following this agreement, the businesses will be pleated under the Optimus Price brand. Xavier Tous, Founder and CEO of Athena, will join Optimus Price as General Manager, with Athena’s team united into the Optimus Price structure. Carlos Fenollosa will continue in his CEO role.

Carlos Fenollosa, CEO, Optimus Price, commented, “this agreement is highly strategic to us, as it will massively reinforce our product offering. Through it, we will be able to provide tools to aid pricing and stock management decisions in an even more accurate manner than what we have been doing over the last years.”

Thus, Optimus Price offers the primary tool in the market for offline and online retailers to cover the end-to-end pricing and stock management decision chain. The occurrence allows businesses to understand their clients’ purchase behavior, mechanically optimizing margins, and offering pricing strategies while increasing competences regarding procurement processes and stock management.

“The merge builds upon both companies’ track record and will allow us to stay on top of this rapidly changing market,” said Xavier Tous, CEO of Athena. “The combination of our technologies, existing commercial agreements and innovative products bring the right mix to solidify our positioning within the space.”