OptiPacs: A Downloadable EDI Mapping Tool from Alpha EDI

By CIOReview | Monday, November 23, 2015

WESTLAKE, OH: Alpha EDI has launched OptiPacs which features explicit mapping templates, SQL Server database tables, and Insert Scripts that incorporate Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) data directly with Infor VISUAL ERP.

A lot of companies which employ EDI, including companies which outsource EDI, are left with flat files after transmission demanding qualified staff to handle the data. OptiPacs resolves this problem by incorporating mapping templates, SQL Server database tables and Insert Scripts. Mapping templates convert the data into appropriate EDI standard and transmits it to the trading partner while SQL Server database tables make the data more accessible by fragmenting EDI data into tables, thus, removing the need for experts. The final step is where the Insert Scripts transfers the data from tables and integrates to Infor VISUAL ERP.

“Alpha EDI is our life-work,” said Larry Marshall, Alpha EDI’s cofounder. “Never before has a company been able to manage and integrate EDI data hands-free right from their ERP with a quick download. Optipacs simplify importing and exporting EDI data; but, the data integration is what makes the product remarkable.”

OptiPacs claims that companies can save up to 53 percent time in transmitting EDI data. Possible errors and problems can be found out and dealt with immediately by translating data into manageable and readable formats.