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Optiv Security Elevates Client Success with New Business and Engagement Model

By CIOReview | Friday, June 7, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Optiv Security, a global cybersecurity solution integrator announced the implementation of an advanced cybersecurity protocol and business engagement model to transform the traditional consumption methods. Optiv’s ingenious security platform is designed to deliver a lower cost outcome-based cybersecurity consulting to business organizations. Immense acceleration of digitization in the technology industry have caused a deficiency of skilled workers and further expanded the loopholes of a company’s firewall system. Optiv next-gen security comes at a perfect time when enterprises demanded a high performing firewall platform to restrict any unnecessary complexities and aberration in the digital networks.

Optiv’ approach is launching a new array of tightly aligned client-centric capabilities to bring a more focused global cybersecurity solutions. The method to attain high security includes risk compliance Cyber-as-a-Service (CaaSTM) platform and threat detecting sophisticated management models.   

Newly Launched Global Service and Operations - Optiv redesigned its client-centered service approach for delivering constant and heightened security assistance for global users. Optiv’s plan to extend its safeguarding measurements throughout the full life cycle of a client’s security needs is visible with the newly launched business lines for cyberoperations, integration & innovation, and advisory.

Cyber-as-a-Service (CaaSTM) Platform - Optiv’s new CaaSTM personalizes and adjusts to the shifting business security requirements. The automatically adaptive capability benefits an organization to lower down the operational cost without compromising the flow of the working process. Application of Optiv’s new CaaSTM can be combined with Optiv’s advisory to strengthen security fundamentals across critical areas.

Global Services Demand (GSD) Organization - Orchestration of GSD by Optiv provide clients with an optimal amalgamation of general overview and buying power. The new engagement model is commissioned to bring a seasoned team of profoundly skilled cybersecurity specialist and experienced technical practitioners to execute excellent end-to-end security services and solution for users. 

With the recent upgradation of security services, Optiv has acquired a platform to integrate business requirements and client engagement model for serving the best interest of clients in perfect time. The innovative accession is focused on delivering a high-end integrated cybernetic security to enterprises with a lower operation cost.