Oracle GoldenGate for Cloud services
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Oracle GoldenGate for Cloud services

By CIOReview | Monday, August 23, 2021

Oracle GoldenGate helps organizations to migrate their database systems to the cloud securely.

FREMONT, CA: Organizations worldwide are struggling to keep database downtime to a minimum while upgrading or relocating mission-critical settings. It becomes even more vital to avoid database downtime from the migration process when they rely on applications that operate continuously or near-constant without disturbing services.

Oracle GoldenGate, with its real-time database migration and replication capabilities, provides a feasible alternative, allowing enterprises to establish a clone database in the cloud while ensuring unimpeded availability of on-premises services.

Oracle GoldenGate brings various advantages to organizations that want to migrate their database systems to the cloud. With support for heterogeneous systems, real-time migration, change data capture for data transformation, and availability of both the source and target systems in read/write mode. The most attractive feature that GoldenGate offers is that migration occurs without any items being missed out despite the high number of tables and columns. The data is immediately available on the target database, and no jobs or interfaces are required to view it. The ability of GoldenGate to effortlessly alter data in transit also saves a lot of time.

Benefits of using GoldenGate for Oracle database migration:

Fast data flow

For the best performance, the GoldenGate connection to the Oracle database kernel provides high-speed data flow.

Optimized data for GoldenGate

Since databases are optimized for GoldenGate, there is a reduction in buffer delay for parallel writes to targets.

Embedded business accelerator

Oracle Integration facilitates secure data transmission through SSL and accelerates end-to-end process automation using pre-built, configuration-based integrations directly embedded in various Oracle SaaS apps. It also protects transactional integrity by detecting and resolving conflicts automatically.

Benefits of using GoldenGate for non-oracle database migration:

Integrated data

Data is seamlessly integrated between Oracle and non-Oracle databases and data services, like Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, Teradata, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, HDFS, Kafka, Spark, and cloud object stores, across cloud providers.

Secure data delivery

Built-in conflict identification and resolution can ensure transactional integrity using SSL and encryption, deliver data safely.

Synchronized database

Keep current databases up to date and synchronized at all times, regardless of where they are located.