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Oracle on Chartis' FinTech Quadrant

By CIOReview | Monday, September 10, 2018

Recently, Chartis Research announced Oracle Financial Services as a Category Leader for Data Integrity and Control (DI&C) in financial services.

While evaluating the financial service providers, Chartis considered two crucial factors for its DI&C 2018 report—comprehensive offerings and market potential. Oracle’s positioning in the Chartis’ FinTech Quadrant speaks volumes of its functionalities, technology, and content.

Oracle takes pride in being recognized for its data integrity and control capabilities. With the increasing amounts of data and industry regulatory requirements, finance service providers are in need of effective data governance, quality and control more than ever before. Oracle's placement on the Chartis’ FinTech Quadrant reaffirms its status as a best-in-class vendor with an incomparable range of services and capabilities, and its commitment to building up its toolset.

By acknowledging Oracle as a category leader, Chartis comprehends the depth and breadth of its offerings, its sector coverage, and the financial capabilities it has to meet market demands. Chartis also praised Oracle for its robust partnership strategies with renowned systems integrators and consulting firms.

According to the Chartis research team, Oracle blends its in-depth knowledge on various topics with its strong technical capabilities. The company is uniquely positioned to address a wide range of needs starting from complex risk management and technology to standardized and integrated solutions.

The report also examines the shift in the financial service market and its impact on the financial institutions and service providers in the past two years. The FinTech Quadrant focuses on the financial technology marketplace and takes vendors’ offerings, technology, and organizational capabilities into consideration. The reports published by Chartis’ FinTech Quadrant are written by experienced analysts who have tremendous experience in selecting, developing, and implementing financial technology solutions for a multitude of international companies in different industries including insurance, banking, and capital markets. The findings and analyses in the reports reflect the analysts’ valuable opinions, along with extensive research on market trends, participants, their expenditure patterns, and offerings.

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