Oracle Solutions Simplifies Database Backup and Storage Cloud

By CIOReview | Tuesday, April 15, 2014

REDWOOD SHORES, CA: Software firm Oracle has recently rolled out two major solutions that are available on subscription basis to empower the enterprise cloud platforms. The products are Oracle Database Backup Services and Oracle Storage Cloud Services.

“Oracle has further expanded its comprehensive set of enterprise-grade infrastructure cloud services. The new services are based on open standards, integrated to work together seamlessly, and designed to support full portability between on-premises and cloud environments,” says Chris Pinkham, Senior Vice President, Product Development at Oracle.

The new solutions will enable the enterprises to make most out of cloud solutions. It offers secure, flexible and effortless migration of data and applications to public cloud services from on-premises as well as private cloud platforms and vice-versa.

The Oracle Database Backup Service gives a low-cost database cloud backup service which can be made an integral part of multi-tier database backup and recovery strategies by the enterprises. It is tightly knitted with the Oracle Recover Manager, popularly known as RMAN. This feature lets the customer use familiar RMAN commands instead of new ones for seamless migration of data and applications.

The company also says that the service would enable customers to parallelize and compress backup data transfers thereby maximizing performance. It also includes client-side encryption for ensuring end-to-end data security.

On the other hand Oracle Storage Cloud, part of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service; provides secure, scalable, and reliable object storage solution for enterprises to readily store, access, and manage data in the cloud. It claims to radically reduce the capital and operational costs for backups and archiving data reliably. It is API compatible with OpenStack Swift and grants accessibility to data via REST and Java APIs.

Oracle is expected to come up with more innovative products at a summit called Oracle Marketing Cloud to be held at the end of this month.