Oracle Unfolds Yet Another Open Source Suite of MySQL; with Enhanced Speed up to 3x Faster

By CIOReview | Friday, October 23, 2015

REDWOOD SHORES, CA: In a move to expedite global e-commerce business and progress its deployment against the will of ever increasing multitude of data, Oracle has unveiled the latest version of the much acclaimed open source database, MySQL 5.7. The latest development seamlessly links applications to multiple MySQL databases by offering high-performance, manageability service with NoSQL capabilities in addition to JSON support and MySQL Router.

The software package provides heterogeneous innovation by giving developers, database administrators and DevOps teams the required scope to model the next-gen web and cloud based applications. The launch comes after a joint effort from members of the MySQL community. The tool is powered upon the Development Milestone releases that have empowered users to preview, test and provide feedback during the development procedure. Initial testing from evaluated results that promise a boost up online configuration performance with schema changes in even lesser downtime.

Some vital developments associated with the software suite includes faster processing speed that comes as an indication from the tests using SysBench Read-only Point-Selects. The test results displayed a whooping speed of 1,600,000 queries per second (QPS) which is three times faster than MySQL 5.6. It also features an enhanced InnoDB that guarantees greater performance and concurrency, on-line functionalities, spatial indexes, native partitioning and many more.

The technology offers a more robust replication features that includesmulti-source replication, enhanced Global Transaction Identifiers (GTIDs), and improved multi-threaded slaves for better scalability and availability.With a new strengthened MySQL optimizer dynamic cost architecture the software proves to be ideal fit for the business as it offers an enhanced query performance and greater user controllability.