Oracle Unveils New Appliances to Cater to Enterprise Technology Needs

By CIOReview | Friday, January 30, 2015

FREMONY, CA: Oracle launches new appliances for Big Data, Oracle Database, Data recovery, and virtual compute which are built with greater computing power, storage and features enhanced flash memory. It also makes available a host of software capabilities including database snapshots, flash cache resource management and more.

Oracle’s virtual compute appliance X5, Oracle database appliance X5, Oracle Big data appliance X5, and Oracle zero data loss recovery appliance X5 are the latest offerings from Oracle which it says are offered at a remarkable price.

 "Our customers want their data centers to be as simple and as automated as possible. With some of Oracle's engineered systems and appliances, you can pay 50 percent less, BUT you have to be willing to take TWICE the performance," says Ellison.

Oracle’s Virtual Compute Appliance X5: a fully software-defined converged infrastructure allowing customers to deploy and manage their applications for any Linux, Oracle, Solaris, or Microsoft Windows application. The latest X5 features significantly reduced infrastructure complexity, faster application deployment capabilities, and enables CAPEX savings.  

Oracle Database Appliance X5: the latest Oracle Database solution comes with flash caching, integrated infiniBand connectivity, increased compute cores, and increased storage so as to boost consolidation density by up to four times.

Oracle Big Data Appliance X5: the Oracle Big Data appliance supports rapid development of Big Data applications and provides integration with the relational data. The new appliance offers lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and faster deployment. It has twice the RAM and more than twice the number of processor cores.  

The sixth-generation Oracle Exadata Database Machine X5:  the latest Oracle Database comprises of scale-out database servers, scale-out intelligent storage servers, and high-speed InfiniBand networking.

Its features include:

Enhanced hardware capability: faster processors and larger maximum memory capacity as well as better flash memory.

A new all-flash storage server: features latest Non-Volatile Memory Express flash protocol and InfiniBand.

Simplified Server Configuration: configurations for storage and compute can be configured for each server at a time paving for greater cost benefits for customers.

Workload isolation: consolidated environments can leverage Oracle VM to achieve greater workload isolation.