Oracle with Intel Shifts from IBM Power Systems for Secure Data Migration

By CIOReview | Tuesday, November 17, 2015

REDWOOD SHORES, CA: In the quest for secure data migration, Oracle is introducing Exa Your Power Program which will enable customers to migrate Oracle Database from IBM Power systems to Oracle Engineered Systems supported by Intel technology.

The engineered systems are powered by Intel Xeon which comes with database-aware software enhancements and hardware designed to deliver uninterrupted performance in running Oracle Database.   Oracle Exadata will optimize performance and cut down the cost of, running Oracle. This will result in modernized and customized infrastructure to migrate from IBM Power System to Oracle Engineered systems. 

"Working together with Intel and our partners, we have helped thousands of enterprises quickly and easily move their Oracle database from their legacy systems to Oracle Engineered Systems. This is an extension of our partnership focused on helping our customers achieve better performance, lower costs and better security,” says Karen Sigman, vice president, Oracle Platform Business.

How It Works

The Exa Your Power Program is a database migration Proof of Concept (PoC) for qualified customers. Firstly, Oracle will analyze the existing environment and produce a complete report of database migration results. The result will comprise strategies and a customized process option which will significantly reduce the time and cost required to run critical database workloads.

The program offers a free Proof of Concept migration of one or more sample database; a customized report documenting the migration process and test results; roadmaping the database environment to Oracle Engineered Systems optimized for Oracle Database.