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OrecX Introduces OWASP Level 2 Security Compliant Call Recording Software for Call Centers

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 20, 2016

web Application SecurityFREMONT, CA: The incorporation of a call recording system application in enterprises aids in saving business, resolve disputes and create a more successful business. Recently, it has been announced that OrecX, a provider of open source call recording application for call centers and various enterprises announced the launch of an open web Application Security Project Level 2 security compliant.

Along with the launch of OWASP, penetration testing of the Oreka TR software was conducted using a third party. The manual testing of the Oreka software was also conducted using a skilled hacker.

Application security is sensitive among OrecX VoIP, Unified Communication Service Providers and their clients when it relates to Financial (PCI) and Healthcare (HIPAA) compliance. To enclose application specific policies, OWASP Level 2 ensures the effective use of evaluation security controls within the application when required. It is reported that majority of the organizations’ sensitive applications strive on the OWASP Level 2 that represents an industry standard. Applications that handle business to business transactions, health information and those that implement business-critical or sensitive functions, or process other sensitive assets is typically taken care by Level 2.

"Recognizing that many of our clients are now employing our call recording software as a SaaS application, we knew it was imperative for OrecX to continue leading the call recording industry in the area of web application security," comments Bruno Haas, Co-Founder and CTO, OrecX.