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Organizations Need to Re-examine their WFM: Here's Why

By CIOReview | Monday, April 22, 2019

Workforce Management (WFM) solutions offer multi-dimensional value to people when it comes to driving improvements in employee engagement, customer experience, and profitability. When properly utilized, few contact center software platforms can surpass workforce management in terms of ROI (Return on Investment). Workforce management ensures that workers make a more effective contribution to the company.

Organizations are running to take their functional, siloed in operation models and remodel them into ecosystems with increased collaboration, starting with the c-suite. In keeping with Deloitte analysis, most millennials agree that business success ought to be measured by simply money performance. However, several organizations are missing a chance to perceive employee preferences and tailor a wider variety of rewards to a more diverse workforce.

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A major benefit of a WFM system is that it creates a direct link to the agents’ work life. Overstaffing and understaffing are very common in most of the organizations. Maximizing workforce management will improve the ability to make more happy customers even in the time of overstaffing and understaffing. It also offers advantages like holiday bookings and automation.

In any organization, there will be a variety of employees with different characteristics. Some of them might be easier to observe and others might not be. It is important to understand how each of their works fits into the organization’s workflow. For this purpose, more time and energy need to be contributed. Aggressive goals and deadlines will be creating a more productive working environment and upgrade their performance in a better way. The employees should have a clear idea about how they need to perform inside the organization.

Meeting the demand of the customer is an integral part for the success of any organizations; understanding those demands and taking actions by providing maximum importance to the customer requirements will definitely retain the existing customers as well as gain more new customers. The marketing team is playing a great role in understanding and creating customer demand. Therefore, the WFM of the marketing department plays a crucial role.

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