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Orpalis Introduces A New Version of PDF Reducer Bundled with Enhanced Functionalities

By CIOReview | Monday, April 25, 2016
Loic Carrere, CEO, ORPALIS

Loic Carrere, CEO, ORPALIS

FREMONT, CA: Orpalis, a firm focused on automating large scale document based imaging and processes released a new version of the highly efficient PDF compression software, the PDF Reducer.

The latest version of PDF Reducer includes a high speed size reducing engine that proves to be faster than the previous 2.0 version, effectively saving the overall processing time. When it comes to the quality of output documents, the size reduction functionality does not degrade the quality of documents and delivers better reading quality.

The software supports a vivid range of input file formats to smoothen the process of size reduction. The Professional Edition of PDF Reducer version 3 which includes PDF Reducer Pro, Server and Desktop now processes about 100 file formats in input mode. This includes raster image formats such as PNG, TIFF, JPEG, RAW and JPEG 2000 camera formats. Elevating the level of productivity, conversion of image formats to PDF format before the task of compression is not necessary.

In terms of both speed and accuracy, the automatic color detection feature has also improved substantially. The innovative feature enables users to scan batches of any type of documents including colored, black/white or grayscale under the color scanning mode of operation. It detects the original color type of each document automatically, re-encoding it to its appropriate bits-per-pixel (bpp) encoding.  Thus, the feature offers best quality output with the smallest possible file size. The PDF Reducer v.3 also comes with the ability to retain the date of original input file in its output PDF files, which happens to be a crucial feature for document archiving.

The company has also launched a new website along with the release of PDF Reducer v.3. The new dedicated website located at acts as a single platform for millions of PDF Reducer users across the globe. Users can now find and access information on all features, free download, sales details and contacts at school, work and at home. French version of the website is also expected to be available very soon.