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OSIsoft Announces Partnership with Kansai Electric Power to Aid Power Producers

By CIOReview | Friday, August 10, 2018
Dr. J. Patrick Kennedy, Founder & CEO, OSIsoft

Dr. J. Patrick Kennedy, Founder & CEO, OSIsoft

The Kansai Electric Power, an electric utility, and OSIsoft LLC, a manufacturer of application software are working jointly to aid the power producers to improve the efficiency and operation of their thermal power plants with data.

Kansai Electric Power will collaborate with its customers at every stage, from planning a new thermal plant to running a facility. The Kansai-Value Creation Service, or K-VaCS, will provide services and technology to detect system abnormalities for utilities and others in the electric power supply chain. One of the key elements for K-VaCS is OSIsoft’s PI System, a software infrastructure that serves up insights about operational performance and equipment health across an enterprise so that engineers and operators can make critical decisions and track the results of implemented strategies.

The remote monitoring service, one of K-VaCS services, has already started to help an early customer, the Bluewaters Power Station in Australia.

The announcement was made at PI World, taking place this week in San Francisco.

Kansai Electric Power has utilized the PI System in its own operations.

Based in Osaka, Japan, Kansai Electric Power or Kepco, is one of Japan’s largest utilities and provides power and gas services. It operates over 150 power plants with about 34GW of authorized capacity.

The PI System from OSIsoft captures data streams from sensors, machinery, and other devices and transforms them into real-time insights. The PI System can be found inside wind farms, national labs, rail networks, pharmaceutical manufacturing centers, data centers, stadiums, over 1,000 utilities and over 90% of the world’s oil and gas companies.

The PI System manages over 1.6 billion sensor-based data streams worldwide.