Over Twenty Enhanced Features Added in Alike v3.5 by Quadric Software

By CIOReview | Tuesday, June 2, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Quadric Software, dealing with disaster recovery solutions releases Alike v3.5 with over twenty improved features. The Alike product addresses disaster recovery needs as well as the physical and virtual backup

Alike v3.5 comes up with protection for Windows based physical machines, as well as enhanced performance, functionality, and protection of all Hyper-V environments. Some of the features include GPT/UEFI disk support for all Q-Hybrid/Enhanced jobs, improved email notification system, weekly activity summary reports, restore to VHD/VHDX files added for any backup, improved VSS component level integration, many bug fixes and improved error handling/logging.

The new P2V support software for physical Windows systems is designed to help users incorporate non-virtualized systems into an existing virtual backup or disaster recovery plan through a single solution. It banks on Quadric Software’s Q-Hybrid technology to deliver the same level of protection it provides virtual environments. With its DR edition, users get scheduled, high performance replication from their physical systems to Xen or Hyper-V.

The solution is simplified to make backup and recovery more intuitive. Alike v3.5 is available now for download directly from Quadric Software’s website.

Phil Baskette, Co-Founder and CEO of Quadric Software says “Whether they have a mix of XenServer and Hyper-V within the same organization, or a combination of physical and virtual machines, the solution has to be as powerful as it is flexible. Alike v3.5 delivers through its performance and design simplicity.”