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OWC Aims to Future Proof Legendary Software BRU

By CIOReview | Wednesday, November 18, 2020
Larry O'Connor, CEO

Larry O'Connor, CEO

The acquisition of BRU Product Technologies by OWC ensures customers the innovative platform's continuing support and development.

FREMONT, CA: OWC, a pioneering zero emissions Mac and PC technology company and a respected provider of Memory, External Drives, SSDs, Mac & PC docking solutions, announces that it is in the final stage of the acquisition of the BRU product technologies and support the ultra-reliable data backup, restore, and archival offerings for end-users and OEMs. Based on legendary technology, BRU is one genuinely cross-platform backup and archival solution. The adoption of the BRU product line by OWC reinstates OWC as the provider of reliable backup and archival solutions for both existing OWC and BRU customers and new.

BRU's reliability, and enhanced recoverability mechanisms, with the local disk, tape storage, and enterprise-level cloud implications bring an innovative product definition to OWC's breath of storage and backup solutions. Because of BRU's stream-based check summing, the fully cross-platform verification comes standard. Any archive developed on a BRU platform will read/restore on any other platform. The in-stream checksumming enables a BRU archive to be verified without access to the original files, filesystem, or platform at any time. The BRU archive format is completely device-agnostic, enabling archives to be written to tape, disk, and cloud.

 The BRU based solutions can be leveraged to clone drive content, create a deep archive for offsite retention, or perform daily backups of corporate data infrastructure to a protected cloud environment. BRU offers extra security and reliability levels other backup solutions can't offer. The BRU Server client-server architecture will be widened to incorporate private and public cloud deployments as part of the OWC growing cloud strategy. Rewriting BRU technology is complementary to OWC's existing LTO solutions and included in future LTO products.

The genesis of BRU as a commercially available tool was driven by tar-based operations' inability to reliably back up and restore archives on Unix systems. The BRU design was to return the most data possible during a restore, hindered only by physical damage. The bruAPP backup appliance virtually avoids the configuration, installation, and compatibility issues when designing and building a data backup infrastructure.