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Own it To Play it Loud!

By CIOReview | Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Hotels can gain a significant amount of revenue by utilizing self-operating audiovisual services, preferably the ones that serve small- and medium-sized events that do not necessarily require any special deal for equipment or skilled technical specialists.

FREMONT, CA: The hotels that offer standard presentation and voice support for events mostly choose to use their equipment and staff as they occasionally need to employ the advanced equipment, endorse, or labor. To establish the need for self-operating AV services, operators need to evaluate the venues, the necessary support required for the event, abilities of the staff operations, and the expectations of the planners and guests.

Here are some advantages of a self-operating audiovisual service in a hotel or conference center environment:

Hold the Guest Experience:

Hotels stand out from the competition by the quality of the guest experience they provide, and if anything goes wrong in any event, it can affect the customer review severely. It is important to touch every guest point as the event held in the hotel has the face of the brand attached to it, and any disturbances that occur because of the third party can affect the organization primarily. Providing facilities with internal staff ensure the standard of service, as well as reduces misapplications of technology.

High Profit:

The facilities provided by AV services can lead to a considerable increase in the profits since it is an industry unto itself. The plan of owning such a service by any hotel can help in cutting down the cost of renting an AV from a vendor along with making significant profits in the revenue.

Easy and Reliable Operations:

In the past, the hotel staff might have found it complicated to operate AV equipment, but new and advanced machinery has made it easy to use, insightful, and very familiar to the systems at home. With the unique AV system, hotels can have necessary display support, which can be utilized by connecting it to computer monitors and televisions regularly. The innovative built-in technology used in hotels can help the staff frequently and continually deliver services by just pushing or selecting a few buttons.

Easy Handling:

To staff an AV service to support its operations requires extensive attention; therefore, many hotels stick to the models providing portable and handy equipment. It is essential for the operators to understand the machine to spend lesser time in setting it up before an event and utilizing it to the fullest capacity. To focus more on the guest experience, many hotels have incorporated the latest AV systems in their infrastructure to hold events and conferences, especially in the standard meeting venues. The improved method has high quality, easy-operation, and does not involve a vast skilled-staff or technician to set it up for its services.

Fulfills Customer Needs:

To conduct a massive event for an organization, the sales staff requires leniency and flexibility when it comes to pricing of the services. The planners face many negotiations if a venue has to out-source AV services as well as tend to form boundaries in some of their services, keeping in mind the price package. It is always ideal for a hotel to own an AV service and provide every primary facility by employing the internal staff that can help in having the entire control on the provided amenities. Not just that, the hotel can significantly narrow down the expenses by having a private AV service that can save them the profits from the third-party association and invest better on other priorities rather than an outsourcing provider.

Quality and Longevity:

In the advancing world, technologies are currently being replaced by one or the other new development within the industry. With the rapid growth of the tech world, various equipment that is purchased or is available today might get out-dated in a few months. Unlike the other machine, display technology has the advantage of carrying the longest life span, which lasts for over many years without any technical issues. Besides, the presentation technology has witnessed a fall in the price due to the increasing customer demand in the market. The rise in the demand helps the manufacturers to create products in affordable prices as well as introduce attractive Return On Investment with every buy.

Staff Growth:

The hotels have staffs who already work for their operation regularly but having an AV service equipment can help the employees to learn and perform technical jobs as well apart from their existing post. It can provide a vast learning experience and opportunities to grow concerning skills and responsibilities that can help in gaining elevated guest experience with a blend of technology and love.

The presence of a self-operating audiovisual service can be a feasible and cost-effective in hotels, chiefly in the hotels that serve small to medium sized proceedings. Along with, a plan to guide the strategy and deliver services, having an idea about the functional requirement of out-sources.

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