OwnCloud Encryption 2.0 Secures File Sync and Sharing

By CIOReview | Wednesday, July 15, 2015

LEXINGTON, MA: In today’s business ecosystem where data is considered as asset, it becomes important to manage them securely. ownCloud is a global outsource provider of data management solutions,announces  its new modular framework for encryption version 2.0, which is a part of ownClould 8.1, which allows organizations to share sensitive data internally and externally with help of enterprise file sync and share solution(EFSS).

OwnCloud encryption 2.0 comes with advanced capabilities that make it easier and more secure for organizations whichprotecting sensitive data to seamlessly collaborate and share files. The users will be able to adopt any encryption standard for their ownCloud set-up and even write a sever app to meet their customized requirements. “Encryption 2.0 from ownCloud has set a new security standard for EFSS, it allows to shift from the existing encryption for one mandated by the new policy while still enabling seamless access to enterprise-class files sharing and collaboration for all the end-users,” says Matt Richards, vice president of product for ownCloud.

Additionally, the new product includes features that will enable up to a 4X performance for uploads and downloads with easy user friendly interface. This will result in improved scalability through multi-tasking feature and supports 50 percent more users per ownCloud server instance. Also, the key feature of the product is, it allows third party app developer to publish their app for ownCloud and make it available for the users.