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Oxylabs to Introduce Next-Gen Residential Proxies Platform

By CIOReview | Monday, August 17, 2020

The new platform will deploy machine learning technology into a residential proxy platform for the very first time.

FREMONT, CA: Oxylabs, a proxy and data gathering service provider, is introducing its Brand-New Residential Proxies platform that will leverage the power of machine learning technology, enabling the users to collect data without the risk of detection.

For over five years, Oxylabs has been at the forefront of data gathering and extraction. Driven by an ever-rising demand to capture and leverage publicly available information, large scale eCommerce providers, and businesses working in the information economy, are readily deploying residential proxies to gather business intelligence, support price optimization, and also improve lead generation, over competitors.

Oxylabs' latest Next-Gen Residential Proxies platform, builds on the feature-rich capabilities of its prevalent Residential Proxy platform. It offers the users with an unmatched solution, which uses machine learning algorithms, to ensure customers can access and gather publicly available data efficiently and ethically, without the risk of detection from any anti-bot solutions. Its key features include:

• AutoRetries system platform will automatically retry data extraction in case of an unsuccessful attempt.
• AI-powered dynamic fingerprinting, developed to imitate an organic user's behavior, ensuring a 100 percent success rate against bot detection.
• Highly scalable and customizable by utilizing Oxylabs' global IP proxy structure.
• The power to tailor your requests to retrieve Javascript massive website content at scale.
• Existing users are able to switch to Next-Gen residential proxies using standard proxies easily.

This launch is further evidence of Oxylabs' continued commitment to innovation in the data extraction market.

In the coming weeks, Oxylabs will be launching its AI & ML advisory board to expand its influence in the data industry while also providing discussions on the proxy and data industry more generally. The board will comprise prominent professionals from the world of machine learning, AI, and data science, many of whom have experience working in highly reputable companies and universities like NASA and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Commenting on this, Julius Cerniauskas, CEO, Oxylabs, said, "Organisations now, more than ever, are trying to understand how consumer behaviour and tastes are changing. Because of this, we are seeing businesses wanting to dig deeper into the data available to them and this is why demand for data extraction solutions has grown rapidly in recent years."

Cerniauskas continues, the launch of the Next-Gen Residential Proxies platform is a crucial milestone for us. More and more companies globally are seeing higher demand for residential proxies. Adding machine learning capabilities to the platform means we can mimic organic user-movements better than ever, mitigating the threat of detection by anti-bot solutions.

"Not only does our new Next-Gen platform give users complete peace of mind the proxy will not be blocked by a website, huge efficiencies are gained in terms of heightened productivity and improved time savings, and over the next few months further features will be brought online."