PacketBroker Upgraded To Quad Port Ethernet/IP Tester

By CIOReview | Friday, July 31, 2015

GAITHERSBURG, MD: GL Telecommunication provider announced improvements to Packet Expert, a Quad Port Ethernet/IP Tester. It allows the PacketExpert to capture packets at wirespeed of upto 1 Gbps non-intrusively over Ethernet and optical port at nano second precision. The enhancements include a highly precise non-intrusive Wirespeed Ethernet Tap referred to as PacketBroker.

The PacketBroker application is a new software with features to capture real world traffic, define multiple filters for drilling-down to traffic of interest, generate triggers based on packet filters, and transmit filtered/aggregated packets for deep-packet data analysis.

The enhanced PacketExpert now supports Tapping and Tap-Filter-Aggregate modification mode that allows the flow of traffic between the Pass-through-ports without any changes or delay. A transparent Ethernet link is created when the two ports are connected which is not visible when it is connected to devices or networks. It operates in both the direction for transmission simultaneously processed by the equipment.

 Mr. Jagdish Vadalia, a Senior Manager for product development of the company said, "The PacketBroker Application features filters which filters the layers of Ethernet Packet allowing the users to get upto 16 simultaneous filters of each port 40bytes in length. It also supports Mono Trigger and continuous filter modes. PacketBroker allows the test tool to be used in a non-intrusive Wirespeed Ethernet Tap featuring Pass through Tap, Hardware Filtering, Packet Modification and output aggregation.

Another enhancement added include Packet Modification that modifies filtered packets using an inband method of conveying information such as Timestamp, Board Serial No., Port No., and Filter No., to the (output port) packet analyzer by carrying this information in the packet's MAC header.

The aggregation of the filter traffic goes through different ports, the traffic from pass-through-port is normally sent in output port. Additionally two ports can be aggregated through a single port as a single stream which can exceed the wirespeed rate of a single port. The aggregated traffic from the output port can be examined using Packet Analyzer or any other custom packet analyzing tool.

"The PacketBroker is a new software application added to GL’s PacketExpert that allows the test tool to be used as a highly precise non-intrusive Wirespeed Ethernet Tap with all the necessary features,” adds Vadalia.