PACSHealth Partners with Virtual Phantoms to Revamp Patient Radiation Dose Monitoring

By CIOReview | Wednesday, July 29, 2015

SCOTTSDALE, AZ:  PACSHealth, developer of software systems for medical imaging technology integrates Virtual Phantoms’ flagship product VirtualDose CT software, into its DoseMonitor platform to provide near-time visibility and alerts to potential excessive patient radiation dose. VirtualDose CT software belongs to a family of web-based software tools that enable accurate radiation dose calculations

PACSHealth records and analyzes ionizing radiation data from medical imaging procedures using their respective software and Virtual Phantoms delivers deformable 3D/4D patient anatomical modeling and radiation dose calculations using the Monte Carlo methods with  license of ‘virtual patient’  technologies. By partnering together, the two companies initiates to create an enhanced patient radiation dose monitoring solution.

“This feature will enhance organ dose modeling and ultimately improve patient safety during medical imaging procedures. The ability to effectively monitor radiation dose indices during certain medical imaging procedures has become increasingly important,” assures Mike Battin, COO of PACSHealth.

DoseMonitor is single server, browser-based design on automated dose data acquisition and analytics system with better visibility, connectivity and flexibility. DoseMonitor enables patient radiation dose insight, monitoring and reporting with minimal staff involvement at a reasonable cost irrespective of the size of healthcare facility.

Whereas, VirtualDose CT is designed for ease of use by radiologists, technologists, medical physicists, regulators, manufacturers and researchers mainly targeted on x-ray CT dose tracking and reporting. Developed with more than a decade of research, VirtualDoseCT uses a family of anatomically correct phantoms and revolutionary GPU-based Monte Carlo radiation simulation techniques to enable radiation health professionals to obtain highly accurate images with much greater patient safety.

Key features of Dose Monitor include: automated data collection for computed tomography (CT), mammography (MG), direct radiography (DR), interventional radiography (XA), and cardiac angiography, advanced report generation, including cumulative organ dose, dose by technologist by procedure, dose by physician by procedure and more, intelligent patient search, compatibility with VMware based implementations, enabling hospitals to ‘virtualize’ hardware on existing servers and  support for direct data exchange with Nuance’s Powerscribe 360.

Managing radiation dose effectively, the platform adapts easily to new technologies meeting evolving regulatory standards.

“We are thrilled to establish this new partnership with PHS Technologies Group to extend the VirtualDose technology to DoseMonitor customers,” says Dr. George Xu, founder and CEO of Virtual Phantoms.