PacStar and Hypori Collaborate to Enable Mobile Device Access Technology

By CIOReview | Monday, November 9, 2015

FREMONT, CA: PacStar, a provider and developer of advanced communications solutions for defense and industrial markets collaborates with Hypori, a manufacturer of Android-based Virtual Mobile Infrastructure (VMI) technologies to launch PacStar 451 with Hypori ACE server.

Virtual mobile infrastructure (VMI) is a delivery model in which a mobile operating system (OS) is hosted in a data center and delivered to a mobile device. When VMI is deployed, the operating system or application runs on a virtual machine (VM) in a remote data center. Any data associated with the OS and its applications is stored VM as well. The OS is delivered to the endpoint through a secure remote communications protocol, which is decoded by a client app that runs on the mobile device.

The latest release is a small form factor, ruggedized VMI platform that allows wireless access to apps running on PacStar 451. PacStar 451 provides high performance virtualized appliance for hosting multiple software applications in a compact form factor. The Hypori solution includes ACE client, a single app that runs on Android, iOS and Windows-based mobile devices and supports secure access to the server.

The integrated solution is a ‘thin client’ based VMI that is analogous to VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) and delivers a user experience that is optimized for Smartphones and tablets.

The companies claim that the combination of the PacStar 451 and Hypori ACE Server will improve capabilities for tactile and mobile organizations by granting access to COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) apps and eliminating data-at-rest security issues through the thin client architecture where all data and apps stay on the PacStar 451.The solution will also provide the ability to use cellular, Wi-Fi and other trusted networks through dual, NSA and CSfC compliant encryption.