Palo Alto Joins R-CISC Associate Member Program to Strengthen the Sharing of Cyber Security Intelligence

By CIOReview | Thursday, July 9, 2015

SANTA CLARA, CA: As Cyber threats have become rampant in the retail sector; there is a heightened need for threat intelligence sharing between cyber security industry leaders and organizations like the R-CISC- an organization that supports commercial industries for circulating cyber security information. To this end cyber security provider Palo Alto has joined R-CISC’s Associate Member Program.

Palo Alto native integrated platform assembles network, cloud and endpoint security into a single architecture which detects and eradicates enterprise attacks. R-CISC Associate Members can demonstrate their cyber security products and information in real-time with industry leading security solution provider. In order to own R-CISC membership an enterprise must be privately owned and its head office is not supposed to be operating in any terrorist active zone.

According to Davis Hake, Director, Palo Alto Networks, the strategically cyber threats are impacting industries safety. Sharing threat intelligence between cybersecurity providers and organizations like R-CISC will aid members to gain enhanced breach prevention, in time information and instructional guidance. Through this partnership enterprise can expect probability to de-elevate cyber attacks launch.

R-CISC members can have access to Palo Alto’s AutoFocus , WildFire and Unit 42 to facilitate retailers with preventive measures against cyber breaches.  AutoFocus service gives prioritized security with details about the latest threat techniques and procedures used by hackers against organizations. It gives insight on attribution of malware to specific adversaries and campaigns. WildFire provides web-based dashboards with the tools to quickly investigate the context of attacks and distinguish targeted attacks from commodity malware. Unit 42 is research and analysis team of Palo Alto has unveiled potential state sponsored cyber attacks targeting government and military organizations.