Panasas ActiveStor Storage to Support Demand of CFD Simulations

By CIOReview | Thursday, December 3, 2015

SUNNYVALE, CA: Panasas, a hybrid scale-out Network Attached Storage (NAS) Appliance has announced that CD-adapco, a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) focused provider of engineering simulation software, has deployed more than one petabyte of Panasas ActiveStor storage to  meet the demand of CFD simulations.

Simulation allows engineers to test new ideas using software models that mimic the behavior of real-world objects, which greatly simplifies the process of trying out alternatives. As designers need more accurate simulations, CD-adapco is pioneering an approach called multidisciplinary design exploration (MDX). MDX analysis involves multiple simulations under a single software tool, each addressing a specific part of the problem, which together allow an engineer to simulate the entire system as a whole. CD-adapco serves manufacturers from automotive, aerospace, energy, life sciences and oil & gas industries by leveraging MDX.

MDX when combined with HEED- CD-adapco's dedicated optimization software can discover different design patterns, which helps to improvise the real-life product performance and significantly reduce development cost.  

 Panasas Active Stor solution integrates hybrid storage software, PANFS and RAID 6+ to deliver the fundamental needs of CD-adapco: a storage solution, high-performance and reliability system. CD-adapco deploys more than more than one petabyte from ActiveStor hybrid scale-out NAS solution, to deliver linear scalability, high performance and lower the total cost of data. Pan FS file system is supported by Panasas Direct Flow as well as NFS and SMB protocols to enable high-performance by eliminating I/O bottlenecks by allowing cluster nodes to have a direct –parallel access to the Panasas storage unit. RAID 6+ uses Per- file distribution software to maintain the availability of the rebuilt data and ensures data reliability.

“When we turned on the Panasas system, the bottlenecks disappeared and we were able to run a complex MDX simulation without impacting other system users,” says Steven Feldman, senior vice president of information technology at CD-adapco.