Panzura Announces Availability of its LAS within the Platform
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Panzura Announces Availability of its LAS within the Platform

By CIOReview | Wednesday, August 28, 2019
Patrick Harr, CEO

Patrick Harr, CEO

Panzura, a leading provider of multi-cloud data services, has announced the availability of its LAS, the Log Analytics Service within the platform.

FREMONT, CA: Panzura’s LAS platform is the single most multi-cloud log analytics platform capable of delivering an always-on availability, single-click deployment besides flexible scale, that too at a fraction.

The LAS is currently present on, which is a highly robust multi-cloud data platform enabling data research, analysis, and insights at an economical rate.

Powered by the unique VBOS ( Block Object Storage) technology, the LAS solves several of the budding IT challenges, including ingestion, storage, analysis and management of rapidly evolving log data sets across an enterprise. remains the only platform which enables users to leverage the capabilities of Elasticsearch while allowing IT staff to be free from managing replicas, tiering, shards, and nodes by conceptualizing the infrastructure layer.

Elasticsearch is a search engine, which is based on Lucene library and provides a multitenant-capable full text search engine having an HTTP web-interface besides schema-free JSON documents.

The current digital transformation is marked by explosive growth in logs, apps, and users. The scenario makes it imperative for IT operations to manage terabytes of logs created across an enterprise continually, which Elasticsearch is capable of carrying out. Elasticsearch allows speedy data ingestion and indexing along with visualization.

Also, through the platform, it is possible to ensure always-on data access. Customers are not bothered about making a distinction between keeping the desired logs or the affordable logs. Such a distinction requires one to compromise on security requirements and data compliance.

Panzura has been featured by CIOReview as one of the Top 20 Most Promising VMWare Solution Providers 2018.

Panzura has always been focused on bringing innovative experience for their customers. “I try to inject a very competitive spirit into the team, by bringing the best and brightest into the company across disciplines and, in turn, put fun, challenging competitions in place to innovate for our customers,” says Patrick Harr, CEO, Panzura.