Panzura Unveils New Google Maps- based User Interface for Global View of File Data

By CIOReview | Monday, February 1, 2016

CAMPBELL, CA: As the demand for flexible storage options rolls on, traditional storage methods typically provide an administrator interface but offer no global view to the enterprises. Panzura, a provider of cloud-integrated local NAS capabilities to enterprises, unveils CloudFS Console – a Google Maps-based monitoring, alerting and reporting interface for the entire Panzura Global File System.

The CloudFS Console provides a Google Maps view of all controllers and ensures connectivity by separating metadata from the file data and caching on local controllers. The simple visual interface helps administrators in checking the status of the locally cached data, cloud and network connectivity at each site and activity up to 14 days in the past across the entire Panzura deployment. The monitoring capability of the interface eliminates the need to repeatedly download the frequently needed information from the network and mainly serves construction sectors where a single blueprint takes hours to get downloaded. The UI also alerts for any potential bottlenecks across the entire Panzura infrastructure, network and cloud storage before they affect the project timelines.

"The combination of the Google Map view and status dashboard means I get a panoramic view of all of the controllers at all of my offices, including overall file service performance, connectivity to the cloud and details on every file." says David Neumann, IT Director at GRAEF-USA.